Best Indoor Plants

As many of you now know I am a crazy plant lady. Like literally all I want it Plants. Plants for my birthday, plants for Christmas, and plants all around the year. So I decided to do the top five best indoor plants. That means that these plants are easy to take care of and they are beautiful.

(1.) Marginata plant

This is a easy desert plant, that doesn’t need much attention. This plant doesn’t mind being in dark areas, and it doesn’t need much watering. This plant also comes in a variety of colors. The includes pink, red, and green.

(2.) Fiddle-leaf fig

This plant must always have moist soil. It enjoys a lot of watering. It is a very easy plant to take care of. It likes some light, but not a lot. This is a rainforest plant so it does need some more attention then the desert plant.

(3.) Snake Plant

This plant is a very good air-purifier. It needs minimal watering, and it doesn’t require very much sunlight. It will do just fine in a corner of a room.

(4.) ZZ Plant

This plant likes to be watered regularly. Although not too much. This plant is very strong, so if you forget to water it for a few days, that is fine.

(5.) Pothos Plant

This plant loves to be watered constantly. Although if you miss a day or two that is fine. But if you water this plant to much it will start to die and its leaves will turn yellow. This plant can also not be in the sun. The UV rays burn its leaves. It must be kept indoors. This plant grows very long. I have this plant and its vines are almost five feet tall now.

Those are the top five best indoor plants.

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  1. I have never owned a plant, but after reading your blog posts I am really considering getting one. I have always liked plants, but I’m worried I might kill them. To big of a responsibility. Especially for someone who works a lot like me.

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