I Have Gone Vegan – Why?

As many of you know I am vegetarian.

Well not anymore. Last week I decided to go full-on vegan.

I am sure you are wondering, Why? What made you choose to remove all Animal products from your diet?

Well at first I stopped eating meat all together. I couldn’t stand that Animals where being slaughtered for my 5-minute-benifit.

But I soon realized that the Dairy industry was just as bad.

The milk industry is a good example: Mother cows are forced to have babies (Aka: Rape)

Then when the baby-cow is born, it is separated from its parents after just a day and put into isolation.

There have even been reports about Dairy workers abusing the baby cows. By pulling there ears and kicking them. Some baby male cows are killed in a horrific way.

Another example is the egg industry. Chickens are put in such small cages to the point that they can barely move 360 degrees. And those packages that say “Cage-free” well that just means that the chickens get 5-minutes in a larger room. None of these chickens have ever seen the outdoors.

When they lay eggs for hatching, guess what happens to the baby male chicks?

The male chicks get suffocated, get ground up alive, and in some places the workers twist there necks to kill them. Is there life truly worth nothing?

Can you imagine how these chicks feel? When they are supposed to be hanging out with there mama. But instead they are being killed. Imagin how scared they are.

The thing I realized is people who use and eat animal products, are basically supporting animal cruelty. The only reason this happens to the animals is because someone is actually buying the product.

This industry is also the number one cause for green house gasses. It is also the number one water user. Most of the world water is going to these industries. I realized that I was so against dairy, yet I was still eating dairy products.

That is why I am no longer going to use animal products in my diet. Why would I support this horrible industry with my money? I am not going to pay a company to torture animals.

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One amazing thing is that the Vegan-lifestyle is the number one growing lifestyle. More and more people are going vegan each year.

Yes, it is completely safe (actually healthier) to go vegan.


  1. Hey, I really congratulate you on this. I still eat fish occasionally and I am not happy about it. There is now so much information out there that we don’t need to worry about negative health impacts anymore. Vegan is sustainable, healthy, ethical and the logical consequence to the problems we are faced with.

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    1. I completely agree! 👍🏼
      With all the information out there people should really consider other ways to be sustainable, kinder to animals, and to be healthier. 😇
      I commend you on trying to be more sustainable by eating less meat and dairy.
      Thank you for your comment! 💜

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  2. I am absolutely amazed that someone your age can be so intellectually smart. I know many kids your age and people older than you, who would never consider what was better for the environment, animals, and their health. You are absolutely a smart person who knew what was better for themselves, the environment, and the animals. I know many people who just make excuses about why they won’t go vegan or why veganism is bad. I am just so impressed by you.
    You are so aware of your surroundings and what is happening to them. Thank you for this amazing blog post!

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    1. Wow. Thank you!
      I really appreciate what you said.
      I agree, people should really take a look at what is going on in this world.
      They need to realize that its not just a meal. It is pain and suffering, environmental damage, and has horrible consequences for health.

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  3. I loved this article! It showed so much passion and it included real facts. I believe that veganism is the best lifestyle to help the animals, environment, and peoples health. People should really stop disregarding what they are eating. What people are eating today is killing the environment, the animals, and themselves. Its so sad, and its all because people are so ignorant. Thank you for writing this amazing article, it made my day.

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  4. I am completely impressed with your open mind, and the way you approach the world, in a logical and caring sense. Very impressed with this blog post.

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  5. So impressed.
    You are so amazing.
    Loved this blog post! So true.
    You used reliable facts, and everything was provided with reliable sources.

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  6. I used to eat meat, but one of my vegan friends forced me to go to a agricultural farm. I was horrified, that was when I decided to stop eating meat and dairy products all together. I feel so much better!

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  7. I became vegan at 14 years old, and I have never felt better. Now I am 25 years old and I am a successful Engineer.
    Being vegan changed my life. I truly believed that if I hadn’t gone vegan I would not have been as happy, healthy or as successful.
    I am so glad that people your age are taking the initiative.

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    1. Anitaelise GREAT QUESTION!!!
      Sorry that I didn’t Get to it sooner! It got lost in my comments!!

      Here are 5 vegan food sources of probiotics
      – Pickles and other veggies, too
      – Kimchi
      – Fermented soy products
      – Kombucha
      – Coconut, soy and almond milk-based yogurts containing probiotics are becoming more available in the marketplace. Buying ready-made foods containing probiotics fits a busy lifestyle, but making them fresh is not very time-consuming. It’s definitely worth your time. Fresh probiotic-rich foods contain more beneficial bacteria, and you’ll get better results sooner.

      In conclusion, Probiotic bacteria can be found in various fermented plant-based foods.
      You can also always take a supplement if you want (you don’t have to). If you’re considering taking a probiotic supplement, look for a product that contains more than 6 strains of live bacteria and contains at least 20 billion microorganisms per dose.

      Thank You for the question! I’m glad that your trying to become vegan! It is great for your health, the environment, and the animals! Have a GREAT day!!!

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  8. Thanks for this! I am trying to move towards fully plant based (sounds cliché but I’m having a hard time giving up cheese) and this post reinforces why I am trying to make the switch.

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    1. This comment makes me so happy!! I’m glad that you are trying!

      It makes sense why your having a hard time with cheese! It is literally connected to the same part of the brain as addictive drugs! Cheese is literally made to be addictive! But at the end of the day, you can stop eating cheese, although it may be hard!

      I think the best thing you can do to give up cheese is find alternative cheeses. Like vegan cheese.

      Although personally I don’t like vegan-cheese. Which is why I usually customize my (usually cheese) foods to be cheese free!

      For example if you like pizza try pizza without cheese (it tastes just like pizza with cheese no joke).

      You like lasagna! Try my lasagna recipe that is on my blog. It’s vegan and it tastes like it has cheese!

      I would recommend to try alternatives to the cheese foods you like!

      It is always difficult at first, but at the end of the day it is all worth it! Honestly, you begin to every wonder why you ate animal products in the first place!!

      If you have any other questions pls ask!

      I am going to publish a How To vegan book. I think that it will have some great tips as well.

      Have a GREAT day!!

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      1. Wow, thank you for taking the time to write so much! I appreciate your time and thoughtfulness. I’m finding watching documentaries about the health benefits, environmental impacts and ethical implications super helpful and pushing me. As for cheese, yes, it is so addictive and I have not loved most of the vegan cheeses I have tried (like Daiya). I did find one so hopefully I’ll find more. I have a blog post about my favourite vegan products up, including that cheese, and most of my recipes are vegan. Like I said, 95% there! A Slow and steady approach seems to be working for me.

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  9. My parents where vegan before I was even born, and I was vegan at birth, and I am so glad I am! I am so glad that eating meat was not forced upon me by my parents. I have never eaten animal products, and I never plan to, and I will always be thankful to my parents for that!

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  10. My parents made me eat meat when I wanted to go vegan at the age of 7 and I will NEVER forget that they made me eat animals. I have said I forgave them but I never truly have. It hurts me personally. I wish that no parent would ever do that to there child because it is absolutely horrible and that is from personal experience.

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  11. As a doctor, I must say that comparing my patients that are vegan and my patients that are meat eaters, the vegans always have a better immune system, better metabolism, and they have less muscle strain. After seeing these results I went vegan myself and I must say I have never felt better. Great post.

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  12. I was doing terribly in school, since I was having a hard time sleeping. I eventually decided to try going vegan and I have to say I have never felt better. Never going back to meat eater.

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