About Me

My name is Athena. I’m a 16 years old girl (yet my “true” age is 20), dipping her toe into the big blogging world. I am hoping to grow my blog, and maybe even make it a part time career. So if you have any friends please share my blog.

Instagram: @athenakorobova

A little bit about me. I am a college student at Palomar, I’m planning to transfer to a university to become a doctor. I am the published Author of “Vegan Teen,” “The Best Gift Ever,” and “Little Did She Know.” I love writing! And reading peoples comments!

My life long goal is to stop all animal cruelty. That is why I am a Vegan.

I love to tutor young minds in Math and Writing.

My favorite book is “The War That Saved My Life”

I love to speak with Fans! And go to school meet ups. Go to my contact page, if you would like me to go to your school and inspire young minds!

I’m a crazy cat lady! I have two cats named; Kiska (5 Years old) and Al-Capone who is around three years old (His name is a long story) Instagram: cutecats_Kiska_and_alcapone


About The Blog

This blog has a variety of topics. But I am trying to aim towards the health, fitness, and veganism part of the blogging world.