About Me

My name is Athena Johnson, and I started this blog when I was twelve years old! Now, as a 17 years old woman, who is graduating from UCSD with a Bachelors of Science in Public Health and Medicine Sciences this year (I know crazy! I began taking college classes at twelve years old, and graduated high school two years early, transferring to UCSD). I’ve also earned my Associated in Mathematics at Palomar college! I love to tutor young minds in Math, English, STEM, and humanities.

Some more fun facts about myself, is that I am a huge reader! Some of my favorite books include: The Shatter Me Series, Dance of Thieves, The War that Saved My Life, and hundreds more!

I am hoping to grow my blog, so if you have any friends please share! Additionally, I absolutely love to write, and have even published three books, my most popular being, “Vegan Teen!” Being a believe in animal welfare, I went vegan in pursuit of my life long goal is to end all animal cruelty.

I’m a crazy cat lady! I have two cats named; Kiska (5 Years old) and Al-Capone who is around three years old (His name is a long story) Instagram: cutecats_Kiska_and_alcapone

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Instagram: @athenakorobova

About The Blog

This blog has a variety of topics. But I am trying to aim towards the health, fitness, and veganism part of the blogging world.