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Teen Vegan : How To Go Vegan As A Teen

My book is available on both on paperback and on ebook. 

Amazon Paperback:

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24 Symbols:

The Best Gift Ever : Athena’s Adventures

This is a work of fiction, even though the main character is named Athena. For Children in elementary School! It is about, Athena is a girl in a small town who loves wearing tiara’s. She wears a tiara because she believes that it represents that anything is possible. Athena has a best friend named Maia. She also has a pet cat named Kiska. The three of them always go on the funnest adventures. This Christmas, Athena forgot to get her mom a Christmas gift. She wants to get her mom the best gift ever. To make the money she needs, she turns her backyard into an ice skating rink. Will she succeed in getting her mom the best gift ever?

It is available in Black and White, and in color. The color cost more to print which is why it costs more. The black and white is five dollars, while the in color is fourteen dollars.

In Black and White :

In Color :

Available at other retailers as an E-Book!

Little Did She Know

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 1.02.02 PM.png

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