Friends Should Keep In Contact

Friends grow apart it is just part of the human nature. But is it the right thing to do? Is it okay to grow apart from someone you almost always hang out with?

Adults, Teens, And Kids eventually grow apart. But why? Can you stop it from happening? What happens to thousands of friendships each year?

Well one thing that usually happens to friendships is life. Life gets in the way. For example you get a job, school gets in the way, you move away, or something else. Then you just forget about your friends. And after a while your friends will forget about you too.

This is a common cycle. How do you stop this from happening? Well make sure to make time for your friends. Make sure to message your friends at least a few times a week. Don’t just cut them out of your life! Friends are the people who support you when you have no one else to talk to. When you lose your friends it is hard to stay afloat, when you are going through something difficult.

Another thing that happens to friendships is that you just forget to respond to your friends messages, calls, or you just stop having conversations in general. Now this may happen by accident or for other reasons. But if this continues after a few days or weeks your friend will stop trying to contact you. And your friendship will just end because of a miss-communication.

Your friend will be offended and even upset that you didn’t have the time to say anything. Even just saying that your busy is better than ignoring a text message all together. If you don’t reply to text messages or phone calls then your friends will feel like they are bothering you. So that will be the end of your friendship.

If MLP (My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic) taught me anything it is that friendships may be hard but it is important to work on it. Never just give up on a friendship, unless you are friends with a toxic person. It’s important to work on friendships and not abandon them.

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  1. This blog post brought tears to my eyes. My high school friends and I drifted apart when we moved away from each other. But I think I will get back in contact with them. I really miss our fun times.

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