Spinal Fusion / Scoliosis Surgery

Hello Everyone!

Recently I had been having problems with my spine, scoliosis and kyphosis controlled my life. I couldn’t walk for long periods of time, or even sit for long periods of time without back pain. Going to the doctor we learned that I had scoliosis (35*) and kyphosis (45*). Since my curve was so large they decided that surgery was the best option. Three weeks ago I had a spinal fusion surgery, and am still recovering. The surgery itself is super intense and interesting. I found this video that explained it nicely, and I thought you guys might be interested in learning more about it. This video make the surgery look like a “walk in the park.” In reality this surgery causes a tremendous stress on your body, mind, and life overall.

Right after the surgery I was half asleep and half awake, having strange short dreams, basically delusional, but thats what anesthesia and pain does to a person. I was throwing up, had stomach problems and at times it seems like I would not make it. You have to have a full support of dedicated people to make it through. The first and second night was extremely painful, but after that the pain slowed down a bit. Keep in mind that when the nurses say, “the first night is the worst,” they are lying. It sucks the first week, but the first three days are the worst, not just the first day. I still have pain now, 3 weeks after the surgery, but I am able to move around again. One of the biggest issues with the surgery was the meds they gave us. Each med caused drastic side effects, and the next med helped with that side effect, but caused a different side effect. To get out of this vicious cycle caused by meds, my mom and I decided to face the pain and drop all the meds but Tylenol and Naproxen (Alive). I was in devastating pain, but I got rid of all the unnecessary side effects. Three weeks after the surgery, yes, I am still in pain but I learned to cope with it. Overall I am glad to have done the surgery, because it will improve my life. If anyone is afraid of pain, remember that it’s temporary, and that the life improvement you get from doing the surgery lasts for as long as you live. Which makes it all the more worth it. Never be afraid of something that will improve your life for the better!



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