Dream Big! Take charge of your education!

Hello Everyone!

School only gets as good as you make it. If you don’t take care of your education, nobody will. I got into UCSD and finished two years of college by the age of 15. I have never realized how much freedom and responsibility you have for your education. Do you really want to give this responsibility to people who have no idea what your ambitions and interests are? Yes, you can design your own education! I took charge of my education at the age of 12. I could not stand public education. Why? Seven hours of your precious time to get what? I didn’t feel like the time I was spending at school was justified by the education I was getting. As soon as I learned that I could do college classes, I realized that this is my way out of public school. This is when I discovered CAVA, which allowed some flexibility so I could take college classes. I am not saying that public school is all that bad, but I can say with certainty that it is NOT for everybody.

With Care,


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