NEW BOOK !! Athena’s Adventures!

Welcome back to my blog everyone! I know it has been a while since I last wrote a blog post, and I apologize! Yet so much is going on with the new college semester. I am taking so many classes, including General Chemistry Two, General Chemistry Lab Two, Fundaments of Biology, Calculus, and more! Their has just been no time to write blog posts!

Since it is thanksgiving break, I have some time on my hand, so I just wanted to let you all know that I have just published my THIRD BOOK!! It is called “The Best Gift ever : Athena’s Adventures”

This book is for younger children, more like elementary school. The main Character is named after myself, Athena. In this book, Athena is a girl in a small town who loves wearing tiara’s. She wears a tiara because she believes that it represents that anything is possible. Athena has a best friend named Maia. She also has a pet cat named Kiska. The three of them always go on the funnest adventures. This Christmas, Athena forgot to get her mom a Christmas gift. She wants to get her mom the best gift ever. To make the money she needs, she turns her backyard into an ice skating rink. Will she succeed in getting her mom the best gift ever?

I found this book really interesting to write, since I am used to writing essays, and more advanced writing, this was somewhat stepping out of my comfort zone. As I usually write in more advanced wording, yet I had to get into the head of an elementary school kids to try to simplify the writing for a younger child to understand, while also introducing them to larger words.

I choose to write a small Christmas story for young kids. One thing I enjoy about writing is there are so many different types of writings. I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new styles.

A special thanks to my sister who illustrated all the pictures in my book!

My Book is available at amazon as a paperback, and as an E-Book at many other retailers, including Barnes and Nobles. The printing cost for a colored book is a lot higher, so I have two options for my book a colored version ($14) and a black and white version ($5).

That is just a little update, hope you are all staying safe during this COVID-19 epidemic! Stay Safe!

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