Year Anniversary Of Being Vegan !

Hello Everyone!

Today is a little celebration, I have officially been vegan for a WHOLE YEAR!

This year has been absolutely amazing! I did not miss eating animal products one bit, because of all the alternatives, so if you are thinking about going vegan take it from my success and just try it !

If your not sure how check out some of my blog posts and my BOOK! “Vegan Teen” it is available on Amazon and barnes and nobles as a paperback!

All in all I would just like to talk about why I went vegan, some new facts I learned, and more!

The reason I originally went vegan was for the animals. From a very young age I knew I loved animals and I still do. As a child you do not think about how the food you eat affects others. Yet luckily I realized this when I did. Another fact I learned is that 99.9% of all animal products come from factory farms. Trust me not a single grocery store actually sells animal products that are not from a factory farm. Factory farms are so cruel the only thing I could possibly compare it to us the Holocaust. I know people will get mad at me for saying that but it is true. You must look deeper into these factory farms to realize the harm it truly does. I would recommend some of the following films; Cowspiracy, Live and Let Live, Earthlings, The Game Changers, What The Health, Fast Food Nation, Vegucated, Forks Over Knives, The Beautiful Truth, Food Matters, and so many more. Not only this but you must take into consideration, how can you humanly kill an animal that doesn’t want to die.

I know people may say going vegan is hard and for someone who eats meat every day that may be true. Yet it’s all about habits, you have to think about…. is 5 minutes of sensory pleasure worth the pain and suffering? Not only this but there are so many alternatives to meat these days, you just need to dig deeper! Go past that animal flesh taste palette.

People go vegan for many reasons and you just have to choose yours. Some peoples main reasons for going vegan is the antibiotic resistance, the animals, the environment, global warming, health, and more. I go over many of these in my book as well.

Once I went vegan it only took a month or so for my family to follow in suit. By leading by example and possible pushing a bit…. wink* wink* My family went vegan. They all say that they would never go back to eating animal products. This may shock some people but my mom had problems getting a good amount of Iron, yet after just a few months on a vegan diet when she went to the doctor her Iron was above and beyond perfect. My mom was shocked when she came home, and we soon learned that most Iron comes from veggies, which is why her Iron went up. Not only this but our health also improved, we got more energy than ever before.

Another thing I learned as a vegan is you can not force your ideas on anyone else. At first I though that if you insist they must see your point of view at some point, yet most people just close up and block any reasoning. The reason vegans try to encourage other people to go vegan is because they found a light. Let me explain it like this. Lets say light and fire where never invented. Suddenly you discover fire! You want to show everyone that they can use this at night and it will change there life for the better…. yet everyone doesn’t want to because it seems strange. They refuse to use it and they are killing themselves and others in there denial. You found this light, and no one uses it. So I learned that the only thing you can do is lead by example.

This is what One year of vegan saves…. probably more!

All in all, I just wanted to write this blog post in an excited way, since it has officially been a year since I have been vegan, and that I will NEVER go back to eating animal products! And to everyone who said I would die…. well look at me now (I’m joking, haha).

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  1. When I was younger I wanted to go vegan but my parents wouldn’t let me. I could never forgive them. We have a friendly relationship, but to be honest I just remember that they caused suffering and that hurts me. All in all AMAZING blog post! I am now vegan and your post represented my feelings so well.

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  2. I was vegan from birth, I am now 32 and a pretty successful engineer, and I don’t think I could have done it without being Vegan. My parents instilled in me kindness towards other creatures and I think that passed through to my adult life. I am so glad that I have not been scared by eating animals. I can not imagine why parents or anyone would ever force that upon there child. Horrible. I love my parents so much for everything they have done for me. Your blog posts are just so inspiring.

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  3. Hello Athena,
    Your book changed my life, and I can not thank you enough for it. Your book is worth way more than 7.99. It really helped me.
    Thank you,


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