The Minnesota Riots – What happened? – Obama V.S Trump – How they handled it?

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Lets get straight to the point, we have all seen videos of the riots that started in Minnesota followed after the death of George Floyd. The George Floyd incident never should have happened and it is a terrible event. Many people don’t know that the cop that killed him had, had over twelve complaints, where he had either killed or shot African Americans and other minority groups.

This really brings up the point about the police department and is it really a law enforcing group or a group similar to the KKK? Now don’t get me wrong there are a lot of great cops out there, but to be honest the police force is extremely corrupt. In the majority of cases you need to know a cop to become a cop.

Another way to look at this is like this. The Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, that man killed around 17 students. Yet he was put in prison in a calm manner, no bullets fired. That man killed a bunch of student, a bunch of big eyed, big dreams students, and he basically walks free in prison.

Yet a black man who’s crime was an ALLEGEDLY (Not even solid evidence) counterfeit bill at a convenience store, was clearly murdered.

How does this justice system make sense? In addition to this the constitution was written by slave owning rich men? How does this make sense? Why do we follow a justice system that we say is the best in the world, when in reality its one of the worst? I love the quote “The USA is just a third world country wearing a Gucci belt”

Yet it wasn’t all about George Floyd, it may seem that way, but it really isn’t. It is this built up aggression towards the United States. People are sick of America showing off, when they really have nothing to show of. Did you know that the average US citizen has an average income of $59,039? It’s not enough to cover all the expenses, especially if you have children. How can you save any money with that paycheck. That may be more than in other third world countries, yet it’s not good for the world “best nation.”

People who work at grocery stores and restaurant are considered essential during this COVID-19 crisis, if those people are as essential as healthcare workers they should get a living wage. Another thing that doesn’t make sense in the Unemployment paycheck is more than the Minimum wage pay check. How can people get paid more to stay home, while people working minimum wage get paid less. It doesn’t make sense. Don’t get me wrong its awesome that the United States supports there citizens with money, but they are doing it the wrong way. People who are not working should get some kind of support, but they should not get paid more than people who are working.

People are beginning to get restless, the United States Government is standing on thin ice, that is running out of recourses. The reason people are beginning to riot is because they are no longer happy with the way this government runs things. I do not support violence, but I think its good that the citizens are showing that they wont take discrimination and injustice anymore. I like the saying “Riot is the language of the unheard”

One thing I am against is that these people are fighting back with violence which is not good, although you must consider, people don’t take things seriously unless there is a risk or a fight. Although violence is never good the police force isn’t helping. They started to spray people with tear gas, shooting rubber bullets, etc. How can the US, shoot at its own citizens? The Citizens who are in the right?

The USA shamed China a year back for shooting tear gas at protesters, yet now the USA is doing the same. The USA needs to get its head up and take control. The USA is in trillions of dollars of debt to China and other countries. The US government is literally falling apart. All country’ government agencies are corrupt in some way, yet the US is definitely at the top. The USA keeps printing money to support the crisis, yet this amount of money printing, the USA is going to be the next Zimbabwe. Money will be worthless.

Now lets get to my final topic today. Trump V.S Obama on the riots. Look at what trump tweeted about the riots. Do you see how he encourages violence. You do NOT combat Violence with Violence. It’s like fighting FIRE with FIRE. He literally called his citizens thugs? These people are the people you are supposed to support. Thugs, really? I agree they should not be looting and setting things on fire, but it doesn’t mean they are thugs. The protestors are stating that they are fed up with all the nonsense. It is a way of being heard. This tweet does not help the situation at all. Him saying “When the looting starts the shooting starts” is absolutely ridiculous. Him saying this will truly cause people to get angry and revolt. Do not threaten your own people.

Now if you compare what trump said to what Obama said, you will see that Obama looks to the side of the people.

Barack Obama said Americans needed to create a “new normal” to address structural racism. “This shouldn’t be ‘normal’ in 2020 America,” the former president said of Floyd’s death. “It can’t be ‘normal.’”

Do you see how he sides with the people? That is very important. You need to side with your citizens and give them reassurance that he agrees with them. He may not be addressing the rioting, yet he is staying calm and instead of adding flames he is sprinkling some water droplets.

Fight Fire with water, not fire.

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This is all based of the information I have at the current moment. I hope not to offend anyone, yet just put out some facts.


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