San Diego – Glowing Waves

Hello everyone! I hope your having a wonderful day! Today I would like to talk about the glowing waves at the San Diego coastline! Not many people have heard about this, yet there are glowing waves at night in San Diego!

The reason the waves are glowing is because of a special kind of algae. This algae has an interesting way of protecting itself. To protect itself from predators it creates a bright glow to scare off any predators. Which is why whenever a wave crashes that activates the algae to glow.

We hadn’t seen this algae in San Diego since around 2013, other than a few minor occurrences.

Another interesting fact about this algae is it likes to suck out all the oxygen from the water, which creates a defecating smell when you go swimming. From the shoreline you don’t smell it, but if you go for a swim you sure will.

Interestingly this algae makes the water during the day a very dark red and brown. Which is quite ugly during the day, yet beautiful at night.

I have personally gone to see the waves and they have been beautiful! At the beginning of the week they were very strong, almost every wave glows. There were almost no people. (We stayed in the car. COVID-19 safety)

Yet…. we went back around Thursday and the only open beach was packed, you could barely see the water thats how packed it was. The waves barely had any glow compared to last time. The glowing waves have really died down in amount. There is no way the glowing waves will last till the end of week.

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