Never Have I Ever – A Good TV show

Hello Everyone! I hope your having a GREAT day!! Last night I was scrolling through some new Netflix shows and I came across a new Netflix show called “Never Have I Ever.” It is a fairly recent show just aired on April 27th 2020.

I found this tv show very interesting and funny! It is very up-with the times and extremely culturally diverse. You don’t often see an Indian lead, so having a tv show with an Indian lead is honestly a really nice change of pace, giving the movie world more diversity.

There needs to be more diversity when it comes to films, not just when it comes to what is ethically right, but also when it comes to what is interesting. People look for something different and this show really provides it!

This show is also not just about an Indian girl living her life through high school, it also goes through a deeper story. In this show, the main actors father dies at her school recital. The lead also becomes disabled and can’t walk yet she is soon able to walk again after a year or so of being disabled.

It also goes through how this girl is very self-conscious about her image, yet there is a deeper underlying ideology behind it.

I just think that this show honestly did a very good job. Its very fresh and new with the times. This show definitely has its not most appropriate moments (the girl tries to loose her virginity), yet it is still a great show.

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