Best Coffee Creamer!

I love coffee, its a perfect drink for the early morning!

Although when I went vegan I couldn’t find a creamer I liked for our homemade coffee.

(BTW: Soy-Milk is the best option for Starbucks)

I am a person who likes sweet coffee, but I hate putting sugar in my coffee! Which is why I always look for a nice sweet creamer. After some testing and trying, I have found one of the best creamers! It is surprisingly an oat-creamer! Its from a brand called “Silk Oat Yeah.” This is by-far one of the best creamer I’ve ever had!!

Make sure to try this creamer! It’s better for the animals and it makes any coffee taste amazing!!

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Sorry that I haven’t been writing too much. I have been so busy with my college classes! The semester is almost over!

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