2020… crazy

As many of you have been experiencing, 2020 has been one crazy year. Within the first week of 2020 people thought WW3 was going to start! Then Australia was on fire! This crazy COVID-19 pandemic! In this blog post we will go over the Pros and Cons of 2020, and how it relates to the 1920s in many ways.

What Happened?

  • WW3 scare
  • Australia Was On Fire!
  • Australia Was Flooding!
  • COVID-19
  • Stock Market Crash
  • 7.8 earthquake in Europe almost causing a tsunami in Hawaii
  • Stock Market Rise
  • stock market ALL OVER THE PLACE; Up – Down – Up – Down
  • Unemployment rate sky rockets!

All this happened in just the first three months! I know, isn’t that crazy! You may be thinking “Take me back to 2019.” But personally I like 2020. Something new is happening everyday! I feel like 2020 is the awakening year. People are realizing that they aren’t the all mighty! As people got locked inside, the world has been getting healthier! But we will get into that a little later into this blog post!


  • WW3 almost happening
  • Australia On fire / flooding (The flooding could be considered a good thing since it put out the fire)
  • Unemployment rate plummets in almost all countries including the USA
  • Earthquake in Europe

As you noticed I did not write that COVID-19, Stock Market Crash, etc. I know many people think COVID-19 is the apocalypse, but you need to look at things from a positive angle! Thanks to COVID-19 nature and the earth itself is becoming healthier! Pollution levels are dropping, in Venice the water is the clearest its ever been, and much more! How can a virus be such a horrible thing if it is doing so much good. All good comes with a consequence, and this might just be the awakening people need to be able to see that they need to lower pollution levels, eat less animal products, and more. Did you know COVID-19 came from an animal product? Really makes you think is it really worth it to cause so much suffering for humans, animals, and the planet, for just 5 minutes of sensory “pleasure”? Yet that is not the topic for today.

Why didn’t I say that the Stock Market Crash is a bad thing? Well a lot of people invested there money into the stock market, yet people should take this as a learning curve, don’t invest in something that is almost guarantied to go down and up at random times. Think of it like this; Only invest if the price if it truly worth the risk. Now I don’t wish people bad, I just wish for people to go through learning experiences, which help shape them into a better version of themselves. However, the government keeps bailing people out (especially the rich), they would never learn from their mistakes. Some people stay out of the stock market (me) because I would need the money for school. I can’t risk to lose it. If Trump would tell me not to worry and he would bail me out if I would lose my investment, I would also invest. I am happy people got some of their money back, however, it is not a democratic, fair market as it should be. America is in a huge debt already. Pouring money that we don’t have into the failing companies is a questionable decision. I wonder, who is going to pay all the debt off?


  • Venice Water is extremely clear
  • Dolphins are returning
  • Wildlife is coming back
  • Pollution levels are dropping
  • The realization that animal products are bad
  • The awakening of people realizing what they are doing to the planet

I personally love pros! I’m an optimist, all I see is pros! And 2020 has many pros! Even though people may be finding COVID-19 bothering there lives, they should also see the positives. If you are stuck at home, take that nap that you always wish for! Just relax and read my book (link at the bottom)!

Now lets get into some more details. The 1920’s are EXTREMELY similar to 2020. This is the chain of effects in the 1920s… now these events didn’t happen all at once like in 2020, yet they are almost identical events in a similar decade.


  • Spanish flu (influenza outbreak)
  • Stock Market Crash
  • Great Depression
  • Recession


  • COVID-19
  • Stock Market Crash
  • ______________ (Whats Next?)

And soon after all this WW2 happened as well. But look at the similarities between the two similar decades? Both had a pandemic, (1920 pandemic 50,000,000 were killed), both had a stock market crash, and there are some less-important similarities! The sad part is, even though the country went through the first Pandemic and stock market crash, they were still un-prepared for second one.

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Sorry that I have not been writing much on my blog! I have just been so busy with all my University classes! This semester I’m taking Statistics, chemistry, communications, etc. I will try to keep on writing, but I won’t write as much since I’ve been so busy!

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  1. Wow, this is really well written! It has so many facts! I found this so informative and honestly really enjoyable to read! Its amazing the similarities between 1920 and 2020 ! I love how you look at everything from the positive side of things! GREAT post !


  2. Exactly! Who is going to pay off the DEBT?



    Liked by 1 person

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