I Published My Second Book! How To Go Vegan As A Teen?

As many of my long-term-blog followers know; I published a book last year when I was 13.

As I have grown, I have continued to write! And now I have just published my second book!

It’s called “Vegan Teen; How to go vegan as a teen?”

I wrote this book in order to help teens who want to become vegan or who are curious about the vegan lifestyle. This book based on my experience going vegan at the age of thirteen in a completely non-vegan household. I discuss topics like how to convince your parents, vegan diet benefits, how to deal with judgement, things to watch out for, how to get all of your nutrients, and more! I hope that each and every one of you can greatly benefit from the information in this book, this is what I wish I had when I went vegan 🙂

My book is available on both on paperback and on ebook.

You can Buy it on Amazon and some other locations. Here are the links;

Online ebook


Amazon Paperback:

I do plan to publish my book at other locations! I will update you whenever I get my book published at a new store!

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  1. Hello… I have just finished reading your book, and It was really good. It helped convince me into going vegan. I must say that your book really spoke to me on a personal level. I love how you went over all the topic, it was extremely helpful. I appreciate all the good your doing in the world.

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