Cambria has Wild Zebras!

This Christmas break my family went to Cambria for a few days as a small vacation. It was around a 6 hour drive from San Diego.

Cambria has a large history mainly thanks to a man called William Randolph Hearst.

This man built a huge mansion (Which I will write about in a different blog post).

This man was extremely wealthy, since he inherited his fathers wealth. The main thing that William Randolph Hearst wanted to do with this money was build a huge castle in Cambria. He did this, and this castle was HUGE. He spent over $230,000,000 on building this castle.

You may be asking “What does this have to do with zebras?”

Well William Randolph Hearst had his own private zoo with polar bears, zebras, etc.

When William Randolph Hearst went through a short money crisis he sold his exotic animals, and he let go of the zebras to roam free around Cambria. (Photo below: Actual photo my family took)

Now the zebras live wild in Cambria, for the tourists to watch. It’s kind of cool that these Zebras are in Cambria because the only other place to see wild zebras is Africa.

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Happy New Years!

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