My SAT experience!

This December (The 7th) I took the SAT with the essay. And I would just like to go over the sections and what the test was like, for future test takers.

(For Any SAT people being like “You can’t talk about the SAT. Blah Blah Blah.” Don’t worry, I’m not revealing anything)

So lets just go over how to exam was executed. Basically I went to a High School near by my home. My mom dropped me off and I went to look for the classroom that I would take the exam in! Soon I found the classroom and they already had assigned seats for everyone to sit in. I found my seat and sat down.

Everyone was seated in a different class-room. Each room was separated into things like; SAT with essay, SAT without essay, SAT Subject testes. Let me tell you the chairs at that high school are SO UNCOMFORTABLE!! I’m so glad I do online school, lol.

The lady or proctor was really nice and she read the directions. Soon she passed out the exam.

I was surprised that almost every exam was different or at least the questions were in a different order on each test. How do I know this? Well I saw it from the back of my eye when they opened the exam. The desks were really close to each other so it was kind go hard not to see. I was kind of glad that they made the questions on the tests in a different order that way it was harder for students to cheat.

Now lets go over each section:

Section 1: Reading

This section was difficult but not too difficult. It was doable. I would give it a middle difficulty. Out of a 10 difficulty I would mark it a 7.

Section 2: Language

This section was much more difficult than I expected. The practice tests made this section much easier than the real thing. I would give this a 8-9/10 difficulty.

Section 3: No Calculator Math

This section was so easy! I breezed through it still having time after to check my answers! I give this a 3/10 difficulty. But it was probably because I prepared for the No-calculator Math section the most.

Section 4: Calculator Math Section

This section was difficult but it was doable. I would give this section a 5/10 difficulty. The nice part about the calculator section was that you don’t actually need a calculator. The proctor even said “All questions in the Calculator math section can be done without a calculator” I only used the calculator to do small calculations.

Section 5:

The crazy part about this section is it is unpredictable. Some people had a math section for this, some had reading, others had language. It was all different! I didn’t even know about Section 5 so it was a surprise! I got the language section, yet most people seemed to get reading or math.

Finally The Essay Section:

This section was really easy. You just had to write about how a person was convincing the audience. I’m not sure if everyone had the same essay but I assume they did. But this section was really easy. Although I’m surprised that they didn’t make it a computer typed essay since I’m sure some peoples handwriting would be a bit difficult to read.

In Conclusion:

The SAT was not as difficult or frightening as I thought it would be. Honestly it was a little easier than the practice test. I feel like people over-hype the SAT but at the end of the day it’s not that frightening. Although the test was MUCH longer than I expected! (The SAT was about 5h30m! We started at 8:00 in the morning and it ended at 1:30.) I was expecting the exam to be done within 4 hours. But still the exam was easier than expected.

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A little Update: You may be wondering why a 14 year old is taking the SAT. Well basically I am graduating early by 2 years. So I have to take the SAT early. Yet I won’t necessarily need to SAT since I’m just transferring from the college I’m taking classes at. Let me know in the comments if your interested in hearing more about that! Have a GREAT day!!

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