Best Christmas Gifts For Teenager Girls

Everyone knows a teenager, or has at least seen one. Haha. Here are the top gifts to get a teenager.

.1. Humidifier

2. Clothes

3. Makeup (I personally don’t like makeup, but many other teens do)

4. Some Kind Of Smart-Watch

5. Books

6. Water bottle

7. Candles

8. Camera (Most likely a Polaroid, yet depends on teen)

9. Phone Case

10. Gift Cards

11. Jewelry

12. Nail Polish

13. Fidget box 

14. Pick Your Poison Card Game (Card games are always a great gift)

15. String Lights (Teens love hanging these lights in there rooms)

16. A fish (Sometimes all a teenager wants is a fish. haha. Don’t forget to include all the supplies as well like: Fish food, Fish tank, etc.)

17. A “Diary” (Aka: Something to write in)

18. Roller Skates

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Some Links to the items listed:

Fidget box:

Pick Your Poison: Card Game


Some Good Clothes For Teen Ideas:



Water Bottle:

Candles (You can get candles anywhere)

Camera (Most teenagers want a Polaroid but some other teenagers want a recording camera or a professional camera)

Phone Case:

Fish Tank:


  1. OMG! These are such good ideas! I have a niece who is around 15 years old and I could not figure out a single gift to get her for Christmas!! Your list now gave me TO MANY options on what to get her for Christmas!! I really liked the Humidifier, Makeup, Diary, Jewelry, candles, and more!! UGG they are all SOOO AMAZING!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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