Black Friday… worse than I expected!?

Many people know that after thanksgiving there is Black-Friday – where you get a bunch of sales.

My family never goes shopping on Black-Friday, it was just something we don’t do.

The reason I never really cared for Black-Friday is because most stores just rack up the price and then pretend it’s on sale. For Example:

Original Price: $10

When it is Black Friday the “supposed” original price was $15 and its now on sale for $10!

Personally I thought that nobody went shopping on black Friday and it was just a funny conspiracy about crazy people who go crazy for stuff that is only a few dollars cheaper. Oh boy, was I wrong.

Yet this thanksgiving me and my friends decided to go hang out at a store to just look around and hang out. Most of us had forgotten about the Black-Friday Trend, considering it was 6:00 and it was thanksgiving day. But who knew that the store we went to started black Friday at 6:00 Nov the 28th.

We try to find parking and we are lucky to get a spot right at the front. And guess what… it was like Disney Land (in a bad way)! They literally had a LINE to get into the store!!

And inside there were hundreds of people! I was shocked! We could barely walk around. And the lines went all the way through the store!! This how long the lines were!!!

I had to white-out some faces (Must respect privacy). Yet as you can see the entire store was backed up.

The crazy part was when we were walking by one of the employees was yelling and he was saying “He ASSAULTED HER” (It paints the picture of chaos, that everyone imagine but doesn’t expect) And when we were exiting the store there were LITERALLY COPS! So I guess someone was assaulted. Who knows!

Oh and another crazy thing was at the exit they checked for a receipt to make sure you weren’t stealing! Who steals on Black Friday? Other than a good deal (Nice word play Athena. lol. I’m kidding, there aren’t any good deals)

So my friends and I decided to go to ROSS. And guess what? NOBODY was there. Now thats a deal. Peace and quite from all the chaos.

Its kind of funny because it looks like the store we went to has a lot of friends, while ROSS was lonely.

At the end of the day don’t waste your time shopping on Black-Friday (Other than online), because the stores are far to cramped and honestly the deals aren’t as great as people make them out to be.

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I hope you had a GREAT thanksgiving and I hope you kept that turkey off the menu (=

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