DIY Halloween Decorations

Who doesn’t like halloween? Halloween is fun, wether your giving out candy or trick or treating. But one thing that almost everyone hates is when someone doesn’t decorate their home. DO NOT BE THE PERSON WHO PUTS OUT ONE PUMPKIN IN FRONT OF THEIR HOURSE!! THAT IS NOT A DECORATION!!

Now don’t be that person, Here are 10 DIY halloween decorations.

.1. Paper lamp Ghost

.2. Use some Water Jugs and Make a GHOST!

.3. Make a DIY spooky Lamp!

.4. DIY Bats!

.5. DIY SpOoKy GLOwiNG eYeS (You can put these in your bushes)

.6. DIY HuMaN CaGe

.7. EaSy SpOoKy DoOr PaPeR

.8. Attach Some Strings to Some Hats and Hang Them Up… Floating Hats? eek!

.9. DIY spider Web

.10. Duck-Tape PERSON

FoLlOw, LiKe, CoMmEnT, aNd ShArE

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