I’m Not A Fan Of “A Little Late with Lilly Singh”

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not hating on Lilly Singh. I have actually been a fan of hers for a year or so. Many people know that Lilly Singhs youtube content has been lacking and her youtube growth almost came to a halt. Because of that, I kind of just stopped watching her as well.

Yet I feel like most people know that Lilly Singh is now a talkshow host.

A while back Lilly Singh announced that she would be a new host for NBC. Her show is called “A Little Late with Lilly Singh”

I watched some of the show, expecting it to be great and funny. Yet I couldn’t watch it for more than 13 minutes. It was so… stale?

You could tell that everyone in the audience had a script for when to laugh. Watch these two videos and tell me which laughs sound more… real.

Fake Laughs:

Real Laughter:

Do you see the difference? Another problem is all her “Jokes” are about race! Like some light-hearted race jokes are funny. But the entire show is full of race jokes! There was not a single joke that doesn’t involved race.

The show is supposed to be funny, and light hearted, but its just… not. And people are afraid to say that because they will get hate because she is a woman of color. But it’s not because of her color or her sexuality, its because of the comedy of the show is just not funny!

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I think Lilly Singh is a great and successful person over all, but this late-night-talk-show is just not good and not funny. She needs to improve this talk-show. What do you think of the show? Where do you think Lilly can improve?


  1. I know right! This has nothing to do with race or gender, she’s just not funny or natural and they have plants in the crowd to laugh at the lame jokes, be gone race-baiter troll.

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  2. Everything Lilly talked about had something to do with race. Literally no one cares what race u are you just have to be funny and entertaining, which quite frankly she wasn’t.

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  3. I completely agree! I think Lilly singh is a great person and she is very successful! And she is generally a funny person. But this talk-show is just not funny.

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  4. What is absolutely wrong with Lilly Singh, my 5th grade presentations were way funnier and more educational than this crap. I love comedy, so I really don’t care about race or sexuality jokes, they’re actually kinda the funny jokes nowadays. However Lilly just comes out flat, condescending and a little racist in this. They should stop this show because it’s gonna ruin NBC, and late shows in general. Also the tailoring job on that blazer is terrible, she looks awful

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  5. Literally no one cares that she’s bisexual or a woman or her ethnicity. At all. She is just talented. she needs to stay talented. she is talking about it so hard makes this weird.

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  6. Lilly this is embarrassing. She is just doing more harm than good. She keeps saying that she is paving the way and that she is making history, but you are just causing harm.

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  7. This was so disappointing to see as a woman of color, she is using racism and discrimination to fight racism and discrimination. She should be ashamed of herself. Talk about being close minded.

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  8. This is so sad. I used to watch her all the time and was excited to see that she had gotten her own show, but now looking at this I see that this show is built on nothing but hate. She is tearing down a big group of people, that have helped build her following through the years, and this is the thanks that they get? You can’t fight fire with fire girl. If you want to see change happen then spread kindness to the people that had supported you and the ones who didn’t because the high road is a whole lot classier then what you just did here.

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  9. You’re right, it’s absolutely terrifying seeing someone like her host a show. Not because of gender, but because of how unfunny she is. I don’t mean to be a hater, but this is terrible.

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  10. In my humble opinion, I really admire her success, however this was not the right approach to opening the show. This should have been celebrated and enjoyed. I understand she is trying to make a statement, but she did that already by getting that late night show.

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  11. Lilly, sweetie… stop using the fact that you are a brown woman as your source of comedy. As another Indian female, please do us a favour and stop continually pulling the race card. Its not funny nor entertaining to watch. Try having some real constructive commentary that appeals to everyone. Your pandering comes off as pretentious and only solidifies this divide you so badly want to break. Ultimately you are a PC token brown person that is here to propagate the networks agenda and enhance their image, so take a seat.

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