Growing Into Your Personality A Teen

Being a teenager is basically the transition from a child to an adult. But being a teenager is much more than a transition. It is the time in a persons life where they find themselves. To find out what they enjoy to do, to learn about themselves. To explore things.

Have you ever noticed how teenagers are much more interested in doing something crazy? More likely to jump of a bridge into freezing cold water. More likely to do graffiti. More likely to try to do backflips. More likely to push boundaries. Have you ever wondered… why?

Think back to when you were a teenager. What were you doing? Getting into mischief? Studying? Doing the craziest things? Trying something knew? Learning about what you like to do? Do you think you were foolish back then? Well you are wrong and right.

The reason that teenagers seem to be such dare-devils is because they are in the period of time where they learn to be themselves. They are not afraid to try something new. If you think about it, teenagers are trying everything that they can possibly do to learn about themselves and there passions.

Now risking your life to learn about yourself as a teen might seem crazy to you. And when the teenagers grow up it may seem crazy to them. But think about all the hormones in those kid-sized-adults. They are flowing with this crazy energy to try something knew. There is literally a hormone in a teenagers brain which makes them want to do something dangerous. There is another hormone that is always demanding something new all the time, demanding action.

I have to say that as a teenager I am wanting to do anything that is slightly dangerous. For example when we went on vacation this summer all I wanted to do was go bridge-jumping, swim in the coldest of water, jump from a 15 foot high tree into water. All I wanted to do was try something new, something that I have never done before. And by doing that I learned about my love for cliff-jumping and much more.

Even though some of these activities may seem crazy, a teenagers brain only want to try something new. Its actually quite amazing that the brain wants to learn about what it likes to do, by trying something new. Your brain is literally trying to learn about itself and what it likes to do. You have to admit that that is crazy and amazing.

The next time you see a teenager doing something outrageous. Think back to when you were a teenager. What were you doing? Think that these teens are just trying to learn more about themselves and what they enjoy to do.

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Of course there should be bounders on what a teenager wants to do. Like no drugs or alcohol. Try something that isn’t going to ruin the rest of your life!


  1. This is such an inspiring blog post! I think teens these days are so obsessed with growing up but they don’t enjoy the time they have to learn about themselves! AMAZING blog post!

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