MLP Season 9 Finale – G5 Discussion

Have you heard? The MLP finale has been released in Dutch. It was then spread all over the world (It wasn’t supposed to). It still hasn’t come out in English but you can watch the episode (All in dutch). And I have to say that the finale episode is AMAZING and CRAZY.

Many fans have predicted that Twilight would one day look like Celesta. But no one ever expected the writers to actually make that happen. The finale (Season 9 Episode 26) is basically about twilights coronation, and it takes you into the future, to see what the main six are doing. It is a really cool episode because you get to see all the characters as older ponies.

The CMC (Cutie Mark Crusaders) grew up.

You see flurry heart in the glass-stained window at her coronation.

Discord and Flutter-shy got married.

Pinky-pie and Cheese Sandwich got married.

Big McIntosh got married to sugar belle. They also had a kid.

They also had an amazing ending!

At the very beginning of MLP. Aka the first episode ever. It starts of with opening this book about all of the history of Equestria.

Then on the final episode it closes this book. Its so meaningful. This video is the final seconds of the final episode. As you can see they close the book that they opened at the beginning of MLP. Meaning that their story is closed.

It is truly an insightful, meaningful, sad, happy, beautiful, and exciting episode!

Now lets talk about G5.

Me and my friend couldn’t comprehend that our favorite show was ending! How could it! It is also one of the most profitable shows for Hasbro. They can’t just make G4 disappear. I personally don’t think they will change the new characters like they did for all the other generations. Not when these characters are so loved.

I believe that g5 will be a continuation fo the final episode of G4 MLP.

Where they will continue with these characters but they will focus on twilights new student, and other princesses like Flurry-Heart, Cadence, Twilight, and more.

I think that they might focus G5 on this plot point. I don’t believe that they would make an all new MLP. Why would they? When this one works so well? Don’t fix something unless its broken.

Well that is a little bit on the season finale. And what I thing G5 will be about.

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  1. This makes me so sad. I don’t want mlp to end! I hope that your idea for G5 comes true! That would be so awesome! I wish flurry-heart was more in this episode!

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  2. Ik heb de my little pony-aflevering bekeken en het was geweldig! Ik hoop dat wat je hebt gezegd over G5 waar is. Fijne dag! Ik hou van je blog! Wij Nederlanders hebben geluk omdat we de MLP-aflevering eerst hebben gezien! lol

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    1. Wauw. Ja, je hebt geluk dat het MLP-seizoen Finale als eerste is vrijgegeven! lol. Bedankt voor je reactie!

      Wow. Yes you are lucky to have the mlp season Finale released first! lol. Thanks for your comment!


  3. Je suis un fan de MLP. C’est tellement incroyable. Je souhaite que l’épisode soit publié plus tôt en langue française. C’est un si bon blog! Mlp me manquera.

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