Beautiful WaterFall In San Diego – Cedar Creek Falls

Many people in San Diego love swimming in fresh-water lakes, rivers, waterfalls, etc.

But sadly there are almost no fresh-water lakes or rivers to swim in, in San Diego (because San Diego is beach and desert).

All the lakes in San Diego are used for water reservoirs (aka; un-swimmable)

But after doing some research I learned about two beautiful fresh-water locations where you can swim. Although one of them has no deep-water, so it is not as fun. But after doing some more research I found a huge (80ft) waterfall that was located in San Diego.

This waterfall is called “Cedar Creek falls.” It is a popular cliff-jumping spot and the water is more than fifteen feet deep all around. It is a seasonal waterfall, but the large pool of water is always there. The waterfall is strongest in the Spring, and lowest in the fall / summer. The photo below is what it would look like when it is not rushing with water. It is still very beautiful.

To get to the waterfall you have to hike for 2 and a half miles. It is supposed to be very hot it is said that there is almost no shade until you get near the waterfall. It is supposed to be a beautiful hike. The round trip would be around 5 miles. Most websites say to bring a lot of water. People say to hike in the early morning or in the afternoon to avoid the heat.

To go to this waterfall you will have to buy a permit. The permit can range from $6-$10 and one permit lets you bring around 4 additional people along with you. So one permit allows five people to go to the waterfall. You can buy the permits here:

Don’t forget that the adult of the group must have a photo identification.

The hike down to the waterfall is said to be full of life. Snakes are a current creature you will come across on the trail. The Cedar Creek Falls Area is known to have a lot of rattlesnakes. If you see one, do not agitate it. Keep your distance and let it slither away. Snake’s bites are fatal, and it may be difficult to get the required medical attention on time (since there is not much internet along the hike).

The location of the waterfall is: 15519 Thornbush Rd, Ramona, CA 92065

This falls has had mixed reviews based on the season. It is said that when the water is not moving a lot of algae comes to the water falls. But this year I feel like the water will still be flowing considering San Diego has had a very cold year.

What To pack:

  • Water (Preferably Two Bottles Per Person)
  • Swim Suit (To Swim In Waterfall)
  • Umbrella (This is a personal preference, I don’t like being in the sun)
  • Snacks (This is a long hike, so you need snacks)

Do not Be an idiot like this guy. Do not jump from the top of the waterfall into the swimming-hole. It is 95% fatal. If you are going to cliff jump at the falls, jump from the rocks that are no higher than fifteen feet from the swimming-hole.

This is definitely a fun family activity. This is the kind of activity that is made to take up your entire day. I have never been to the falls but I hope to go within the next few weeks to check it out for myself. I will keep you updated.

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  1. This waterfall looks like such a great spot to swim!
    That guy who jumped from the waterfall is such an idiot and yet he is so brave at the same time.
    I think he knew what he was doing but it was still not a good idea.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This comment is based on that video and my experience:

    Apparently that is about a 250ft jump into water is 95-98% fatal. Hitting those rocks, though…
    When I was younger I Did a much shorter jump (50-60ft) hit the water funny and suffered two crushed vertebrae. I was very lucky nothing spread out enough to hit the nerves, but took me over a year to fully recover. I had done this jump a couple of times before. Not that I would say I’m “experienced”, but I wasn’t too concerned. And yeah my thighs were black after. Would I recommend to do this jump? NO! its so dangerous!

    Loved all the information!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cliff jumping is not permitted per Forest Service regulations. This is a fairly recent change. Signs are posted at the falls. (Source: I work for the Forest Service.)

    Liked by 1 person

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