The Most Rare House Plant – New Plant!

As many of you know I am obsessed with plants. I have Marginata plant, Fig Leaf Tree, ZZ Plant, and I have a few Pothos Plant.

Well, there has been a plant on my bucket list. It is the Pilea Peperomioide plant.

I wanted this plant for my birthday, the other day I came across the Pilea Peperomioide plant. I wanted to wait to get it on my birthday. But my mom insisted on getting it now, since she knew that it would probably not be there next time. She said it was an “Early Birthday present.”

When I got into the car I began doing research on the plant. I learned that this is one of the rarest house plants to find in the USA. I was very surprised! One other cool fact is this plant is in HIGH DEMAND. Every plant-liking-person wants one. The crazy part is, it is one of the easiest plants to breed! Isn’t that crazy! Something that is so easy to grow and breed is the hardest plant to get your hands on.

I am thinking of maybe breeding this plant? This plant breeds like crazy, it always has a new baby popping out of the soil. I think it would be cool to be able to give people this amazing plant! What do you think?

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This is my plant. its not the prettiest right now because its overflowing with babies!


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