The Royal Heir – Chapter 10 – Worst Book Of The Series – Choices

Many of you don’t know this about me but I like this app called “Choices.”

It is an app where you read stories, and you get to make choices for the characters. I always play this app when I go work-out at the gym.

Now this blog post may be a rant (so if your not interested in my complaining. lol. You don’t have to continue from here).

Many people who love the series “The Royal Romance and The Royal Heir” would deeply agree with me, on all the topics I will bring up.

If you have not read this book, it is basically about this girl (the character you play as) and she meets a prince and they fall in love. That is what happened in the first book.

But in the second book she marries him. When she marries him she becomes the queen. But before she can get married assassins reach the palace and try to ruin there wedding.

But they stayed strong! And defeated the assassins.

The next book “The Royal Heir” had so much promise! It was supposed to be about her pregnancy and her being a parent.

But contrary to the name, the whole book is based on there friends wedding!

Chapter ten pushed everyone who loved the book over the edge. People don’t even want to read the book anymore its just a waste of there time. In chapter ten you had to play as your friend, at his bachelor party. It was so boring. Everyone much prefers playing as there character (The queen).

It has already been chapter ten and the queen (The character you play as) still isn’t pregnant. People are beginning to get very annoyed.

👆🏿Here is someones Opinion 👆🏿

The fans of this book don’t want the queen to get pregnant on the last chapter. Everyone expected this book to be about Royalty, parenting, and having a family. But its the exact opposite.

The fans of this book are sick and tired of the royal couples, friends wedding.

They all think that there friends wedding should of just had its own spin-off book.

Everyone who reads the book wants the royal couple to have a baby. They are sick and tired of there friends “ranch style wedding.” The reason people like this book is because it takes you into a world were you are royalty. But now they are making this ranch style wedding. No one cares about this ranch wedding, because it happens all the time. People want something that they could never do.

I truly believe that this book could have been a master piece, but the way they have been dragging it continuously is completely outrages.

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That was a whole blog post of me ranting, hope you enjoyed!

Have you read this books? What is your opinion? Type it in the comments.


  1. Tbh, if they hadn’t made this book out to be it would be about having a family with your LI and navigating your new life, I could deal with this yeehaw stuff because at least I wouldn’t be expecting anything else and I like the characters enough that I could focus on the positive. But instead, they basically wrote a whole stinking book is about about Bertrand’s wedding and disguised it as this. That’s what makes me so angry.
    Loved this blog post. I also need a place to rant! 😡

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  2. I stopped playing after like chapter three because I got so bored. But I’m still looking at the posts about what’s going on and I’m like are we ever gonna leave this stinking ranch???? There’s a time and a place for ranches and cowboys and its not here.
    I thought this book was supposed to be about having a baby and married life and parenting and royalty. But no. It’s yet again about the annoying Walker family. And, sadly, I just don’t care.

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  3. Why is it so centred on the Walkers? I don’t like Drake and Savannah but even regardless of that, how has half the book focused on their family and ranch? Let’s just get the wedding (which I don’t care about) over with and we can finally head back to Cordonia. (If you haven’t read the book Cardonia is the kingdom that the Royal couple rule)
    Loved this blog post. I completely agree. People like the book because it gives them the ability to be something that they could never be. It gives them escape from everyday life. They don’t want to do something boring.

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  4. I used to really love this series. It was cheesy fun and I could suspend my disbelief, but (I am 2 chapters behind, keep in mind) as someone who has Liam as a LI, I doubt that a king would have the time to drive cross cointry across the USA and spend time helping at a farm.
    If all this had happened while he was a prince, sure, I could see it happen. But, right now? People might have a point regarding Cordonia being weak if it’s King is out in another country (which actually rebelled against a monarchy) doing farm work.
    It just doesn’t make sense. Loved this blog post.

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  5. Probably an unpopular opinion: I loved today’s chapter. We never got any man bonding moments in the group, and I found it super fun and adorable.

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  6. Great Blog Post. I didn’t like this chapter but at least this app isn’t like Episode: Choices is the only one i’ve found where not spending diamonds just adds extra material and not completely ruined your experience.

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  7. Hi! I didn’t read the Royal heir yet, I was expecting this book would be about the main character’s pregnancy, but now that I read your post my expectations have changed 😟 it’s so sad…

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