First Day Of Online High School

As many of you know I do online school, to accommodate me doing college classes.

Well my online-high-School has begun this week and I have to say I have been really enjoying it.

Many people have questions about online school.

So I decided to do a blog post where I take you into my life for a moment, to see what I do as an Online High School.

The first thing I do in the morning is…. wake up.

Then I get dressed into something. I know a lot of people think that online students stay in there pajamas all day. But in reality its hard to study when your in your pajamas. When you change your cloths you have a new mindset.

Then I wash my face, and go in the kitchen… like a zombie.

In online school you have something called a “Class-Connect” this is where you, your teacher, and all your classmates meet-online. This is like a virtual classroom. The teacher does a lesson, and you can ask questions and talk to your classmates, etc.

Depending on the day, you can have up to four class connect sessions or zero.

After you have your class connects you start your classes.

Usually you have to do one lesson per day in each course, although I usually do around two lessons a day since I like getting ahead. Most courses have quizzes after each lesson. The quizzes can range from 3 questions to 20 questions.

The classes I am taking right now include: Honors English, World History, Honors Algebra, Honors Biology, French, and P.E.

I am taking an extra course this semester because I will need as many credits as I can since I am graduation early.

I am also planning to change my Honors Algebra course to either an Honors Algebra II or calculus class. Since during the summer I took college math, so Honors Algebra is easy. I enjoy being challenge or else I get bored.

In English we usually ready a short story, or we have an assigned book that we have to read. We learn about characteristics about that kind of book or story. The we have a quiz on grammar, the short story / chapter book, and how story plots work. We also sometimes have discussions (Discussions are my favorite). Discussions is where you post your essay or your opinion on a subject and the whole class reads it and comments on your discussion. The English course this semester has truly been one of my favorite classes. I will include some of my notes from the class at the bottom of this blog post.

Biology is my second favorite class. I really enjoy how this class presents its information. Although this class doesn’t let you go ahead. Lessons only open on certain days. At first I thought that this was really annoying (Since I like going ahead). But I realized that this is a gift in disguise, why you ask? Well because I would have done all of these lessons and I would have gotten bored with the class. But since I have to wait for the next class to open, I am ecstatic to do the lesson.

My French course hasn’t started yet, but I really like the teacher. Whenever she emails us she says “bonjour.” One time she emailed me, and for fun I replied with très bien merci which means Alright Thank You in French. Our french class starts next week, but I can tell that I’m going to love it!

My history course is also pretty great! I love learning about world History. I especially enjoy learning about the first civilizations. Our history book is huge though! The teacher in history is also pretty nice.

Many people wonder how do you do P.E online? Well basically you just have a P.E log. Where you write what you did as excise that day. I usually go to the gym every day so that counts as my P.E class.

My schooling usually lasts from 7:45-3:30 and that doesn’t include P.E.

My P.E usually takes around one hour and thirty minutes.

After I finish my classes I usually begin my college classes. My college classes (depending on the course) can take my about one hour a day to 3 hours a day.

I have to say that I really enjoy online-high-school. Just because it is a more relaxed environment and you learn more because you are less likely to be distracted. I truly believe that online school is the future of education. That is what my Online-high-School-Day looks like.

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Here are some of my notes.

Here are some funny school related MEME’s

I thought this was funny.


  1. I completely agree. I do believe that this is the future of education. People should really give online school more of a chance.


  2. Your blog posts inspire me so much. I have also started online school this year and I’m so happy! I am really loving online school! And I am getting much better grades now! Your blog posts encouraged my parents to let me try online school! And they are so thankful that we did! I am so much happier now!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow. I really enjoyed this blog post. It had so many great details.
    I think I might enroll my kid in online school later on.
    I also believe that online school is the future of education.

    Liked by 1 person

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