Best Greenhouse-Homes!?

As many of you know I am obsessed with plants. So here are my top sixteen awesome plant homes.

(1.) Tables are where plants multiply

This Kitchen needs a few more plants but it is beautiful so it makes it on the list.

(2.) Keep it living

This is such a nice living room. It has beautiful plants. But I think they need to organize it a bit!

(3.) Plants look good Green, But walls don’t

This kitchen is so green! But I think it should have more green plants instead of green paint.

(4.) Windows are Where The Plants take Over

This is such a good amount of plants.

(5.) Eh Not Enough Plants

This room does not have enough plants. But I loved the hammock idea.

(6.) Needs more plants but look how relaxing!

Now this is a nice bathtub to relax in. Smelling the fresh air the plants provide you!

(7.) My Dream Studio Apartment

Now this is beautiful. Look at all the plants. The modern architecture. This is my dream studio apartment (because of the plants).

(8.) Where the tropical paradise comes to you!

Wow. Isn’t this beautiful. It really takes you to your own tropical island.

(9.) Stay Calm and Buy More Plants

This room really gives off a peaceful vibe.

(10.) Miss The Jungle? Well put one in your house!

This room really gives off a jungle vibe.

(11.) be carful of the cactuses

This is such. nice living room, although those cactuses will not be fun to fall on.

(12.) The more plants the calmer you are.

Who dosn’t need a room to relax in?

(13.) The Bigger The Plant The Better

A nice living room. Look at all the plants!

(14.) There is always room for more plants!

Plants must make you smile!

(15.) Who doesn’t like watering plants?

Isn’t this such a nice reading nook?

(16.) You tired of the ugly Buildings? Well make Your Home a Jungle

Plants are an investment! And there is always room for more of them! 😂

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  1. Plants are so awesome. Loved this blog post. Found your blog on google and I am so impressed with your writing. You are an amazing writer. So glad I found this blog!


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