Crazy Plant Lady – Millennials are Obsessed With Plants – Why?

You have heard of a crazy cat lady, but have you heard of a crazy plant lady?

Well you are reading an article by one Crazy Plant Lady.

And I’m not only a crazy plant lady, I’m also a crazy cat lady too (Well more like Animal Lady. I love animals! I want all the animals to be my pets… Okay I’m getting off topic)

Plants have been becoming a sensation among the millennials.

Millennials are obsessed with plants. They have youtube channels about plants. They follow instagram accounts involving plants. They constantly buy plants. They know a lot about plants.

This obsession to have plants and to help the future generation, by going vegan, by helping the environment, by getting plants, by wanting equality for all living beings, is something that is really special.

Another reason for the obsession with plants is because by 2045 it is said that over 90% of the population will have moved to cities. Cities do not have much land to grow plants. So the hobby of growing plants indoors is becoming popularized in cities.

Another reason people are obsessed with plants. Is because it connects them to nature. Humans used to live in grand forests, where they were surrounded by greenery and beauty.

But when they come to the city, all that greenery is gone…

Plants also help lower blood presser and it has been scientifically proven that plants make people happy. Last plants purify the air.

Here is an awesome video by the New York Times about plants.

I am a crazy plant lady, and whenever I see a plant I want to buy it. Plants and animals are my best friends. I want my home to look like a jungle.

Interesting Fact: Plants actually grow better when you talk and sing to them. Plants have actually been know to die when there past owner has died (Even though they have been well cared for by other people).

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