The History Of Birthday Gifts

Most parents in western countries celebrate their children’s birthdays by giving gifts. In this blog post, we will take a look at the tradition of giving gifts to celebrate birthdays and how it started.

Who started the tradition of giving gifts?

Surprisingly gift giving on birthdays dates back all the way to the time of cavemen. Although there gifts are almost nothing like the gifts we give todays. Cavemen would give animal teeth, and some other things including jewelry. So basically the history of gifts starts during the time of cavemen. Its surprising that they could keep track of the days you were born back then?!

Other Countries

“In ancient Greek times, gifts were given to those celebrating their birthday as a way to get rid of evil spirits. They also used noisemakers to help scare away the bad spirits – perhaps this is where the use of party poppers to celebrate birthdays came from. In Roman times, gifts were only given to men on their birthday. Women started celebrating their birthday sometime around the 12th century. Adding candles to a birthday cake is something else we can thank the ancient Greeks for – they started this tradition as a way to honor their gods and goddesses, however, birthday cake as we know it today was developed by Germans towards the end of the 18th century. This was the same time when ‘Kinderfeste’ first started taking place – the 18th century equivalent of a child’s birthday party.”

Birthday Gifts have been around of centuries. Birthdays are a special day, since it was the day you were born. So make sure to enjoy your birthday!

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What do you do for your birthday?

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