Phenomena In The City – BATS

Okay it may not be the city exactly, but it’s definitely not the country. In the urban areas there are not many animals roaming around. But one thing you can always look forward to in the summer is the BATS.

Each summer Bats come by the parks and streets. They only stay for a week or so, and then they move somewhere else. But every night it is amazing to go outside with a blanket and watch the bats fly overhead. Swooping down so close to your head you could touch them.

If you ever see bats in your neighborhood, make sure to go outside and watch them. It is a true site. They only stay for so long. It is a great way to spend time with family. Make sure to bring snacks to create memories!!!

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  1. a 13 year young and already inspiring and motivating children!! Good to connect with you Athena! You are my grand daughter’s age:)
    We have many bats in the city i live in (Pune India) and love watching them performing live for me many a morning.
    You seem to have planned a great life for you Athena. All the very best

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