Plus Size Model Controversy – THIS IS NOT OKAY 😡

What I will write about next may be a little controversial. So please don’t take offense. I just state the facts and my opinion.

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As many people have heard the Victoria secret show has been canceled. Many people are actually happy about this. They say that “its a change in the right direction.” But is it really?

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People are upset about the diversity in the Victoria secret Fashion show. But look at the models. There is all kinds of diversity.

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But thats not the diversity that people want these days. They want plus-sized models to walk the runway.

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Why do people want plus-sized models on the runway? Of course I have nothing against plus-sized models. But, the whole point of the show is to be a “fantasy.” It’s not real life.

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If you want to see plus-sized “models.” Then just walk outside. There is your “representation.”

Other people say that the models in advertising are showing unrealistic body standards. Causing people to be self conscious about there bodies. Causing people to be anorexic.

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So instead they want obese people to be on these advertisements? Showing people that it’s okay to be obese. It’s okay to be at a high risk of heart failure, it’s okay to be at a high risk of death?

When has being healthy become something to be ashamed off?

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Even health officials are considering to make calls for obese models to be banned from fashion runways after doctors warned that “drastically overweight” super models are sending out the wrong message in reagrds to health.

Dr Frankum said: “We don’t want anyone to feel ashamed or embarrassed by they way they look and everybody needs to wear clothes… but there is a difference between being confident in who you are and promoting a healthy weight message. ‘It’s a difficult message for some people to hear but its the same as we don’t use cigarettes to promote products. I don’t think we should have unhealthy weights promoting products.”

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Many people say that it is a good thing to have overweight models because it makes people less likely to become anorexic. But in reality anorexic models have been banned from being in any advertisements or runways.

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Another thing is that less than 0.6% of the worlds population is anorexic. While 30% of the worlds population is obese. And in America 60% of the population is obese.

Another source points out that these companies who use models don’t owe you a job. At some point everyone dreams of being a model. Which is why so many people want “representation” so that they can have this dream job.

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But let me tell those people something. These huge corporations don’t owe you a job. Your not entitled to this “dream job.” You don’t just get a job because your alive and that you complain that you want representation. These models work hard for there bodies, they work-out for hours and they eat healthy. It’s not easy.

Its the same way with how not everyone can be an NBA player. You need to be a certain height. You need to work hard. Will you see disabled or obese people playing in the NBA? No. Its the same way for the modeling industry.

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I have nothing against plus-sized models. As long as they are promoting a health lifestyle, not an unhealthy life-style.

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