Costa Rica — A Great Experience!

Costa Rica is an amazing place. My family went to Costa Rica a few years back. It was truly an amazing experience.

One thing to note is — it’s super hot and humid. When we left the airport, I could barely stand for five minutes. Even when we went to the rental car space, and there was an air conditioner, we were still super hot.

Once we got the car, and the air-contioner started it was better. On the road we saw a bunch of tropical food sellers. So we stopped at one of them, and explored their fruits. All the fruits smelled so good and looked amazing too. We bought a HUGE passionfruit. It tasted amazing! I’m sure some of you have tried the passion fruit in stores. But this one was much more tasty and fresh.

We then stopped at a bridge. Which had crocodiles at the bottom! It was very cool.

We soon made it to the beach. The beaches were absolutely amazing. At night Costa Rica is beautiful. You can hear the waves crashing. It’s nice and warm. We found a hotel and stayed the night. Although I had a small panic attack at the hotel because I missed my cat so much! That night we swam in the hotel pool.

The next morning we ate some breakfast at the hotel.

We hung out at the beach, and we drove towards our next destination.

Manuel Antonio National Park. We went on a small tour of the jungle. We saw so many amazing animals. Like sloths, bats, monkeys, frogs, and more.

Then we found a nice small hotel. Which was owned by a Russian couple. We stayed there for one night.

We tried new foods!

We learned about the culture and the people.

We swam in the ocean so much that day, that the salt water began to burn our skin!

We then had walked along side the beach.

Then on our last day. We hiked down a long path, to see a beautiful waterfall. We soon were swimming in the waterfall. It was absolutely amazing.

That was our trip to Costa Rica. Would I recommend it? Yes. Costa Rica is an amazing place.

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