Ways to Entertain a Child Who’s Home Sick

Kids get sick all the time. But it is still sad to see. So here are a few ways you can cheer your kids up while they are sick.

Create a Secret Hideout

Kids love forts. Its a cool and fun activity to do. Forts or special nooks are cozy places for kids to pass the time while they’re recovering. Drape blankets over chairs or create a tent in a corner. Fill the space with a sleeping bag, pillows, favorite stuffed animals, a child-safe camping lamp or flashlight, and some books or toys.

Play Hospital

Your already being a doctor to your child. Why not become a hospital and make it fun? Set up a doll or animal hospital and let your child play MD, tending to stuffed patients and dispensing Band-Aids with abandon.Your already being a doctor to your child. Why not become a hospital and make it fun?

Hit the “Spa”

Run a hot shower and let your child sit in the bathroom, soaking up the steam, for 15 minutes. The warm, moist air will help alleviate coughs and soothe the nose and lungs. Plus, misty mirrors are great canvases for budding Rembrandts. Warm baths can also help, and bundling up in pajamas and fluffy robes afterwards brings extra comfort.

Stick With Magnets

This is a mess free idea. Pull out a cookie sheet and fill it with magnets, so bedridden kids can play without running around. 

Make Ice Pops

Sore throats are awful. So why not make some soothing ice-pops? Its a fun, helpful, and yummy treat.

Give Presents

Next time you’re at the dollar store, pick up a few toys or games your child might like. So that when your son or daughter is sick, you can wrap one up and give them a “Get Better” present.


Finally. Just let your kid watch a fun movie. Some suggestions: My Little Pony, Dragons Edge, and Littlest pet shop.

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