Things Teenagers Hate

Teenagers have many emotions. Here are some things teenagers hate.


Teenagers hate to disappoint. They want their parents approval.


Teenagers hate to be lectured. They feel like they are always right. So instead of telling them what to do and what they did wrong. Encourage them to do what is right. And suggest things.


The whole stage of a teenager is to separate from there parents. To learn who they are. So when someone micro-manages every aspect of there life, they begin to rebel.


Teenagers don’t like when you to micro-manage them. But the opposite is also true. They don’t like you completely ignoring what they are doing. Teenagers like some kind of boundaries. They like when you keep tabs on them. They like to know that you care.


We are all guilty of comparing each other and ourselves. But this makes your teenager fume. They can’t stand being compared. It makes them feel unworthy, less-of.


This may seem counterintuitive, given how prone your teen is to argue sometimes, but your teenager hates strife.¬†Especially when someone is fighting. They can’t stand when there parents fight.


They like when you are flexible. Be lenient. They are late by five minutes for curfew? okay.


Teenagers fear uncertainty. Especially since they have so many uncertainties in there daily life.

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Those are somethings teenagers hate.

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