Bye Bye Fancy Pigeons. We Will Miss You. But it’s Better This Way.

As most of you know, I owned two amazing fancy pigeons, Cadence and Shining Armor. (Shining Armor is also known as Lucky)

Well, after a whole year of consideration, we decided to take them to the hot springs where the original pigeon came from.

This place has large enclosures for their pigeons. I realized that it would be better for them. Recently we took our fancy pigeons to their new enclosure.

The first enclosure we put them in had all sorts of other large birds including Emus!

As soon as the Emus saw the new pigeons, they started to peck and chasing after them!

The worst part was that since these are fancy-pigeons they can’t fly very well.

So they couldn’t fly to safety!

We knew we had to move them to a safer enclosure.

We soon took them to an enclosure, which only had a peacock and a Pheasant in it.

In that enclosure no other bird bothered them. They were very happy to have room to walk around and fly.

Good luck to these two lovely birds.

This week I am going back to the hot springs to visit them.

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If you want to visit our fancy pigeons, go to the Elim Hot Springs.

48480 Foolish Pleasure Rd, Aguanga, CA 92536


  1. That was so sweet of you to do for your pigeons. They look so happy in their new enclosure. I’m sure you will visit them often! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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