Three Reasons Perms Suck!

Perms make your hair thicker and curly. But are they really as great as they sound? Well one of my family members got perms, and we have a few reasons, why they aren’t the greatest idea.

1. The Smell

Perms use a bunch of chemicals. Which leaves your hair stinky for a week at least. Trust me. No one will want to be near you for a few days. And your nose will be tortured for nights to come.

2. Hit Or Miss

In the first few days of having perms it’s a hit or miss — if they will stay. They can disappear over night. Or they can stay. The first few days decides if your perms are going to stay. Another problem is you can’t brush your hair. And you can’t take a shower either.

3. Money

Perms cost a pretty penny. It can range from $75 – $850. Why spend money on something that might not work?

All in all it’s your decision. Perms do add volume to your hair. So if you want more volume I would recommend to get perms.

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