Coyote 😳 Oh My!

As you know from the story before. We were keeping a close eye on the baby hummingbird.

While we were sitting outside watching the hummingbird. I saw a coyote walk down the mountain!

OMG. I had no idea what to do. I wanted to continue to watch it. But I wanted my mom to know that there was a coyote 15 feet from us. The coyote hadn’t seen us yet.

After a pause of 15 seconds. I yelled. “Mam! There is a coyote!”

Sadly. The coyote saw us and ran off. Poor thing was so frightened.

It was absolutely beautiful. The coyote looked like a small german Shepard.

People should stop killing coyotes! Coyotes are amazing creatures and they are a big part of the eco-system. Although they may eat your pets. That is on you. You should be keeping your pets inside your home or in your yard. Don’t let them roam free! Your pets are not made to survive the outside world.

Coyotes are amazing creatures and they should be respected. Coyotes are more scared of you than you are scared of them. So please. LEAVE THEM ALONE.

Image result for san diego coyote

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