Baby Hummingbird Rescue!

I was sitting on some outdoor steps, which were near my home, with my pet cat.

We were looking at the mountain.

When we saw a hummingbird panicking, looking down into a water drain.

My sister and I have lots of experience when it comes to animals. Especially hummingbirds. We rescue hummingbirds ever few years.

So, we knew that this was the time of year hummingbirds have babies. We also knew how mother hummingbirds reacted when they were worried or in destress.

We went down and looked into the drain. Sure enough there was a baby hummingbird.

Hummingbirds leave the nest, but their mothers still care for them, since the baby hummingbirds can’t take the best care of themselves. It’s like a training period.

So I reached my hand into the drain.

I couldn’t reach it at first. But I held a stick and got the hummingbird to sit on it. Then, I pulled him out of the drain.

We made sure that the mother knew where he was. We put him on a branch, and watched from a distance.

But the baby hummingbird flew back near the drain! So we just left him alone, making sure to keep a watchful eye on him. The mom hummingbird fed him a few times.

When the mom left again (To go get food). A huge black widow came out of nowhere! It had caught the baby hummingbird in its web! The black widow quickly crawled to the baby hummingbird. I screamed for my mom. Since I was scared of spiders. My mom came quickly and grabbed the baby hummingbird, before the black widow could get to him. She took him to a far away branch on a tree. Making sure the mother hummingbird saw its new location.

We watched for some time and left. Later that night we went to check on him. He was sleeping happily on a branch.

The next morning he was gone. Probably he flew off with his mom. Wish the two hummingbirds good luck.

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