How to Dress like Royalty

We all want to be princesses. Or at least feel like princesses. So why not start dressing like princesses? This is how to dress Like Royalty.

1. Notice the Fashion of the Modern Princesses

If you think of princesses, you better not think Disney princesses. You want to look at the modern princesses. Modern princesses would not wear ostentatious gowns or huge crowns all the time. 

2. Wear a Color Palette Consisting of Pastels and Neutrals

The wardrobes of royal women generally consists of muted palettes. So you mostly want to stock up on neutrals colors. You can also combine those with lighter shades of feminine colors like baby blue, peach, dusty green, pink, dusty purple, lavender, and cream.

3. Wear Tailored or Well-Fitted Clothes

Keep in mind that all the clothing pieces should be well-fitted. Modern Royal women don’t wear baggy or very skin-tight. It should be fit but breathable.

4. Wear Sheath and Flared Dresses, Skirts with Blouses

For day-to-day, the best outfits to go with are sheath dresses or flared dresses. You could also pair peplum-tops or blouses with a pencil skirts or flared skirts. You could also go for trousers. Outerwear should be formal jackets, knee-length coats or cardigans.

5. Wear Knee-Length Dresses or Midis Casually

Length is very important. Royal women always want to look slightly conservative, so skirts and dresses shouldn’t be too short. They should be knee-length or midis.

6. Solid Colors Over Prints

Royal women mostly wear solid colors. They rarely wear bold prints like animal prints, or masculine prints. Avoid large flashy prints and graphics.

7. Use Belts to Add Structure to Your Outfits

Belts are one of the most important accessory. Royal women always wear well-fitted outfits, mostly cinched at the waist. Lots of them use broad belts over dresses or skirts. For a more feminine and delicate look, you can go for a skinny belt.

8. Minimal and Matching Makeup

Keep the makeup minimal. A good concealer and face coverage is a great, but never making your base too thick. Wear light blush. Avoid cat-eyeliner, instead wear thin eyeliner. Wear light lipstick shades, such as pinks, rust, peach, or browns — Feel free to match it with your dress.

9. Dresses With Sleeves

Royal woman wear dresses with sleeves. Since it is better to show less skin according to royal prodigal. Mainly wear dresses with sleeves and show less skin.

10. Rich and Luxe Fabrics

Fabrics play a subtle but important role in distinguishing the outfit as royal. Use rich fabrics like silk, satin, or delicate lace. Wear chiffon or luxury cotton. For sheer or transparent fabrics like lace or chiffon, make sure the inner-lining is of a rich fabric too, like satin or high-percentage cotton blend.

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That is how to dress like royalty.

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