Why Disney Channel Sucks?

Most of us have watched Disney Channel, when we were kids.

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Yet Disney Channel has ruined its reputation among most of the new generation.

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How? Why? What caused this? What should Disney Channel do, to get back on track, to success?

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Lets first start with what they did wrong.

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It all started around 2014 and 2015. Disney Channel ended it’s most popular shows. Thanks to their silly rule about only having 4 seasons.

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Now this might not have been so bad. Since when a show ends, a new one is created.

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Yet, for the past few years, the shows that they have been created. Have been awful! The plots aren’t interesting. The main idea, isn’t entertaining. And even some of the actors aren’t the best, when in comparison to the past actors. They have also been adding a lot of adult topics. Into what should be a kids show.

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For example; Andy and Mack. The whole idea of the show, is just preposterous! A rebellious teenager got pregnant. The mom of the teenager was super angry. The teenager wanted to live a normal life. So the mom decided to raise her daughters baby, on her own. While her daughter went to college. The baby thought that her grandmother was her mother. Then the kid finds out the truth. And her entire life is turned upside-down.

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I mean, how is this aimed towards kids?! Well guess what… it’s not aimed towards kids! Thats is the second thing Disney Channel did wrong. Why? Well the past age group, for Disney Channel was Β 9–12. Yet with these new shows, the age group is Β 9–16. That is a large age difference.

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Which is a large difference. Think about it. 9 year olds don’t have complex thoughts. While 16 year olds have more advanced and deeper thoughts about life and ideas.

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Putting those age groups together can cause a lot of controversy. 9 year olds and 16 year olds, don’t mix well. Why would you make a T.V show, for both of them? It won’t work. It’s either too childish, or far too much for adults.

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Disney, is trying to appeal to older generations. Yet those generations, already have created ideas about Disney Channel. They already think it’s for kids. And even if Teenagers give Disney Channel a chance. They already think its too outlandish for them.

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Yet Disney Keeps pushing these ideas! They keep trying to appeal to older audiences. Yet while they do this, they lose their main audience. And since teenagers don’t want anything to do with Disney Channel. Well, Disney Channel is losing all of it’s audience.

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Another thing Disney Channel does wrong. Is they are appealing to past generations. They need to move into more modern times. Kids don’t want movies about singing zombies?! Or a large family that fights over bedrooms?

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Disney is also so too exclusive. That they don’t take ideas from the public. If you want to pitch an idea to Disney. Well guess what. You can’t! Why? Well because they have people in there sixties. Choosing T.V shows. And guess what? People in there sixties, usually don’t have social media. So you won’t be able to get in contact with them. Disney Channel hides it’s production team, from the public. It’s almost impossible to get in contact with someone, from Disney.

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If Disney doesn’t take ideas from the public. Well, how are they supposed to make shows, that the public would enjoy? They are just setting themselves up for failure.

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So what should they do? Well here are a few ideas.

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Take suggestions from the public.

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Choose a specific age group.

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Appreciate bounders.

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Actually Make Good Show.

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Here are some ideas, for a entertaining kid friendly T.V show. Tell me if you like the T.V show ideas in the comments below.

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One idea is about a family, or group of kids. That gets stranded on this tropical island. They are very intuitive, and they build a awesome tree house. They have to find food, learn how to build, make electricity, and try to get back to civilization. I think this would be a fun topic, which could make a bunch of interesting episodes! They learn amazing things, and they have so much fun! Can you imagine this idea as a T.V show? Well Disney. Take some advice from your main audience. We want this idea to become a T.V show!

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Another idea is about a group of seven exchange students. Each student is from a different continent. They all go to one school. Soon they all meet each other and they learn about each others cultures. They go on fun adventures and the T.V show will teach kids about different cultures.

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Another idea is; a group of amazing kids. Who achieve many things, and fight for the right things in this world. For example one character will fight against pollution. Another will help stop animal cruelty. It will be a T.V show about these kids who help change the world for the better through there actions.

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Those are just some great ideas. That parents and kids will love!

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I was not trying to insult anyone. This was my honest opinion, on why Disney Channel is failing. If anyone has a different opinion, feel free to put it in the comments.

Have A Great Day!


  1. Very interesting article! I feel like Disney Channel’s downfall started in 2006, when High School Musical was released. After that movie became successful, it seemed like the network adopted this trend that I’d like to call the “insta-famous” trend. With this trend, characters are either already famous or are naturally super talented. No longer are the stories about typical characters trying to live typical lives. A few examples are Hannah Montana, Camp Rock 1 and 2, and Shake It Up. Two months ago, I watched and reviewed Disney Channel’s newest Kim Possible movie. While the movie itself was good, it still had that “insta-famous” trend attached to it. In the original show, very few people knew that Kim Possible was a secret agent. This aspect of the show was meant to highlight that Kim could still be a relatable character, despite her extraordinary ability to fight crime. In this new movie, however, everyone knew of her secret agent status, with her heroic actions being featured on the news and people dressing up like Kim at conventions. A possible solution to help Disney Channel get back on track would be to create more stories that not only contain relatable narratives, but also relatable characters.

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