April Fools; Prank Ideas

April fools is coming! That means it’s time to plot some evil schemes. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

1. Sticky-note

Do you have an infinity amount of time? Well this is the one for you.

Image result for pranks

2. The Vegan Prank

Are you vegan or vegetarian? Are you sick of people destroying the planet by eating meat? Well this is the prank for you. Now make sure just to ask for the box, we don’t want, to be supporting the cruel killing of animals.

Image result for pranks

3. Healthy

Did your friend say that his New Years Resolution was to eat healthy? But he isn’t? Well why not help your friend out with a great prank!

Image result for pranks

4. Kids? Or Roommates?

Do you want something easy and hilarious? Why not put Googly eyes on everything? And make sure that they are all starting at your prank victim.

Image result for pranksImage result for googly eyes on everything in cupboardImage result for googly eyes on everything in fridge

5. Scary… To scary

Here is one mean prank, that will frighten everyone you know. And it will frighten them at there most venerable state.

Image result for pranks

That is five fun, scary, easy, and hilarious pranks.

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