How Do Buffets Make Money?

Most of us have been to a buffet. An all you can eat delight. Yet, is it really as magical as it sounds? Here are five ways buffets rip you off, and make money.

1. Employees

Have you ever noticed how there are almost never any employees at buffets? Well considering that you serve yourself the food, they don’t need many employees, which really saves them money.  A buffet only needs around  2-5 employees, while a restaurant of the same size would need around 8 – 20 people working.


2. Food Placement

Have you ever noticed how all the veggies and cheap stuff is put up front? There is a reason for it. It is so that people pick the cheapest and most filling food first. Have you ever noticed how the vegetables, rice, bread, and other filling foods have a large trey so you can grab as much as you want. While expensive meat you can only get in small pieces, and of course you can ask for more but then you would hold up the line, and in psychology people don’t like keeping others waiting. So your less likely to get the expensive food.


3. Utensils size

You probably never noticed, that plate sizes at buffets are much smaller. They do this for a reason. Thanks to human psychology, people will try to fill there plate up. Then they will try to eat everything on that plate and they will naturally feel full, since they ate a ‘plate full’ of food. When you have a plate or a trey to put food on, you will naturally fill the entire tray up with food. A smaller plate size, cause you to get less food saving the buffet money.

Image result for small plate

4. Drinks

Have you ever noticed, how buffets always have huge soda cups? That is for a reason, they want you to fill up on soda, so that your not hungry, and you will not be able to eat more food.

Related image

5. Cheap Ingredients

In restaurants you pay for good and fresh food, but in buffets its a different story. You are paying for cheap food. Why? Well because they don’t make food fresh. They make it before hand and pre-heat it. Making a large quantity, because many people eat it. It’s unhealthy and bad quality food. Psychology Today took a look at what’s going into the buffet line, and they call it “fill the customers belly cheaply.”

Image result for disgusting food

That is five ways buffets make money, while ripping you off.

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