The History of Packaged Food

Packaged food, the worst type of food around.

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Yet why is it so popular? What is the history of Packaged food? Why was it created?

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Packaged food started during WW2. Soldiers needed food to survive. Yet fresh vegetables, berries, fruit, and grains; would not have been edible, after a week or even a month. So companies invented Packaged food, for soldiers.

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This was very helpful during the war time. Yet, this idea of ‘forever lasting food’ caught others peoples eyes.

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Soon packaged food was being sold to everyone.

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It was an easy and cheap meal. All you had to do is open a can, and you have a meal.

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People also thought that packaged food was ‘fresh’ from the farm. Yet canned food is never fresh! They put all sorts of preservatives. That includes a lot of sugar!

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Which in return, the American obesity levels rose, because of packaged foods.

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Packaged food adds a lot more sugar and salt.

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Which is good for soldiers loosing all those extra calories, but for people who don’t loose those extra calories. It can cause grave effects.

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As you can tell in the graph below, Obesity levels have rose a very quick pace. And most of this is thanks to packaged foods.

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Yet is there going to be a change?

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Well there could be, there has been a rise in animal activists. Animal meat is another main cause for Obesity.

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But it is mainly packaged foods. People today, are much more knowledgeable, about what they are eating, and many people are trying to eat healthy foods and not packaged foods. Which is amazing!

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Yet there are still many people who prefer the cruel killing of animal over healthy food.

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And there are still people who prefer Packaged foods over a good healthy; fruit, berry, vegetable, and grains.

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So who knows if there will be a change?

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Hopefully there will be.

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Maybe one day we will all be vegan, and we will only eat fresh food. Not awful canned ones.

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Which will cause us to be mentally and physically happier.

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