How To Create Time – The ‘Right to Decline’

Time is important. Without it, nothing would truly exist.

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Yet there never seems to be enough time? So how can you give yourself more time?

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Well, people waste time on many thing.

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And many of those things you put time into, are useless.

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For example lets say your boss or your ‘friend’ asked you to dinner. Do you really want to go? No? Well then don’t go?

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Don’t be afraid to say “No, I don’t Want To go.” If you go, then you will feel worthless, because your not controlling your own life, and using your time for what you want to.

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A lot of time is being wasted on things you don’t want to do.

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Why would you waist your precious time on something that is useless?

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So make sure to not waist your time on silly things that are unnecessary

 Practice the ‘Right to Decline’


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