5 Things You Should Do In The Morning To Have A Great Day

Everyone wakes up one day and feels a little sad or just unhappy. Well here are five ways to boost your happiness, and make your mornings great!

1. Open Your Blinds

Letting light in wakes up your mind, and just makes you feel more awake

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2. Stretch

Stretching, wakes up the mind. It also keeps you calm. It gives you that extra boost in the morning!

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3. Write

Write down what you need to do for the day. Write your feelings down in a journal. Write your expectations. Write whatever is clouding your mind. Write about a dream you had. When you write down your feelings, you stop worrying as much. This causes a calmer and nicer day.

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4. Get Dressed, Immediately

After you stretch, try to get dressed immediately after you wake up, no lounging on the couch with your pajamas, that would just make your body not want to do anything that whole day! Then you wouldn’t be productive and you would feel sad!

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5. Drink Water

Drinking water is very important. Try drinking green tea, to give yourself a healthy boost! Drinking water or tea will make you more alert and happy!

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That is five easy ways to have a great morning! I would also recommend reading or listening to a podcast in the morning to get your brain thinking!

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