3 Tips To Writing A Book

Here are 3 tips to writing a book.

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1. Take It Slow

This is one tip that will help you have bounders for your book.

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Only write two pages a day.

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This will make it feel like a privilege to write, since you can only write a certain amount.

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This will keep you wanting to come back and write more.

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It will also seem like a small amount to write, but it adds up quickly.

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2. Think

Think as you go.

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When you plan the entire book out, it is hard to have any fun with the characters.

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It is always good to have a layout, like what happens at the beginning end and middle.

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Just keep the little details out of you layout. Why? Well if you plan every little detail, you already know what is going to happen, so eventually you get bored.

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So you will stop writing because the book has no more twists and turns for the writer.

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That is why you should only plan the main events, no small details.

3. Change & Grow

Whenever you write a book, you want to stay to the plot your original story. But if your writing and you have a better idea for the character go for it. Always change and grow your characters.

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That is 3 easy tips for writing a book, Which tip was your favorite? Type it in the comments.

Note: This is my blogs 100th Article!!!

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