Top 10 Universities in America

What are the top schools in the USA? Here are the top 10 schools that are in the USA.

1. Princeton University

Image result for Princeton University

2. Harvard University

Image result for Harvard University

3. Yale University

Image result for Yale University

4. Stanford University

Image result for Stanford University

5. Brown University

Image result for Brown University

6. New York University

Image result for New York University

7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Image result for Massachusetts Institute of Technology

8. Hawaii State University

Image result for Hawaii State university

9. University of San Diego

Image result for university of san diego campus

10. University of California, Los Angeles

Image result for UCLA

That is the top 10 best universities in the United States.

Image result for Cute lineHere are some other great Schools 

1. Ryerson University

I just wanted to include this one. It’s in Canada, so I couldn’t include it in the USA list. But it is near the USA. I wanted others to keep it in mind, if they don’t like schools in the USA. Ryerson University has amazing Dorms. Its a brand new school, and is very modern

Image result for Ryerson University

2. Palomar College

This school isn’t a university, so I couldn’t include it in the main list. This college has amazing teachers and classrooms! I would definitely check it out, if you just want your AA degree!

Image result for palomar college


Those are the top 10 best schools in America.


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What college do you go to or have gone to? Type it in the comments.



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