Top 5 Movies and T.V shows; Coming Soon

There are so many fun Movies and T.V shows coming out, how can you keep track of it all! I will give you the Top 5 movies and T.V shows that are coming soon or have just been released.

1. MLP

MLP is almost everyones favorite! The season final has been released, and the T.V show will be airing sometime in April!

2. Shazam

Shazam is a show about a kid who becomes a superhero. It’s supposed to be super funny and heart warming! This show will be coming out in April 5!

3. Dragons Tail 3

How could I not include this movie? It aired February 22. Yet, this movie is loved by many.

4. Frozen 2

Frozen became very popular, almost everyone knows the classic song “let it go.” Well now Disney is releasing frozen 2. It will be coming out November 22, 2019 .

5. The Secret Life Of Pets 2

Most of us have watched The Secret Life Of Pets. But I have to say the second movie looks even better! It’s release date is: June 7, 2019

Those are the top 5 movies coming out in 2019.

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