How To Get Good Deals On Hotels?

Well, there are many apps on your phone that have the capability to do such a tremendous task… find you a hotel for cheaper. Now, i’m sure your wondering, what apps give you good deals?

Well there are two apps I use.

Expedia and Hotel Tonight

Which one do I prefer? I prefer Hotel Tonight. They gave me better deals than Expedia did. Both of these apps actually give you great deals! The deals range from 5%-50% off! Now thats a deal! That is one way to get a cheaper hotel. But is there another?

Image result for Getting a good deal

Of Course!

All you have to do is ask…

But there are a few methods, to raise your chances at getting a good deal.

Now, first be SUPER NICE to the person at the front desk. Make conversation with them. Learn something personal about them.

In the phycology class in college, we learned that when someone tells you about themselves, they feel more connected to you. So now, if you ask for a better room or a lower price them may be willing to give you a better deal.

Another way to do this, is to ask if they have any discounts? Like an elderly discount… you may be only 20 years old, and that may feel insulting to you, but if you don’t have to pay $50, why not?

Last, is maybe the most sneaky way, and it might not always work. But this is a way to almost get a guaranteed discount. Slip the person at the front desk some cash, and then ask for a better room or a cheaper price. Of course they will give it to you… unless they are “loyal” to the company. But even then, why not upgrade you, right?

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That is just a few ways to get a cheaper hotel night stay.

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What is your favorite hotel company?






  1. Thanks for your informative tips!
    I actually have a few of my own as well. ☺️
    I tend to get great deals on hotels by being a reward member of certain brands, booking early and the time I actually trying to book make a difference. Definitely asking for discounts does pay off.
    I get upgraded rooms just for being a reward customer.

    Liked by 1 person

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